Umashankar Joshi ~ Indian writer writing in Gujarati Language
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Sketch by Bhupen KhakhkharSketch by Bhupen Khakhkhar
  • Publications during the Birth Centenary
    • પત્રો-2 1951-70 [Details]
    • જગતરંગ [Details]
    • શેષ નાટકો [Details]
    • શેષ વાર્તાઓ [Details]
    • 31માં ડોકિયું (સંવર્ધિત આવૃત્તિ) [Details]
    • સ્વમુખે કવિતા (audio CD containing 63 poetry recitations in poet's own voice) [Details]
  • Recitation of Umashankar Joshi's poems by Niranjan Bhagat on 19th December 2011
    (held at the poet's residence 'Setu' on his death anniversary)
  • Publication of volume उमाशंर जोशीनी जीवनयात्रा on 16th October 2011
    (a collection of articles by various authors reflecting life and works of Umashankar Joshi)
  • Umashankar Joshi Birth Centenary Celebrations at Tagore Hall Ahmedbad on 21st July 2011
    [Report & Photographs]
  • Exhibition on life and works of Umashankar Joshi
  • Announcement of Umashankar Joshi Birth Centenary Celebrations on 21st July 2011
  • Umashankar Joshi Birth Centenary Celebration Committee
    A committee has been formed to celebrate the centenary year to pay tribute to Umashankar Joshi's life and work.

This official and authentic web site of Umashankar Joshi, owned and managed by Gangotri Trust was developed to commemorate Umashankar Joshi Birth Centenary in 2011. [WEBMASTER]